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Guitar Bridge Blanks - fossil ivory

Finished Pantheon Bridge with FMI blanks
Guitar Bridge Blanks

We cut guitar bridge blanks in both Fossil mammoth ivory and pre-ban elephant ivory for individuals as well as major guitar manufacturers. Seen here are two standard sizes but if you need something different just email.

The PBE is whiter and more homogenous in color. The FMI is generally going to be more of a cream color and could likely be the color of an almond colored light switch. The FMI may have mineral streaks and/or other color and grain variations. While most folks desire this in mammoth we want you to know about this possibility in the event you were picturing the homogenous beauty as seen in pre-ban ivory. FMI bridge blanks may have cracks on the bottom but not the sides or top - the nature of FMI . PBE will be flawless - the nature of PBE.

The prices seen here are for the blanks. The finished bridge seen in the photo is typical of what folks make from our blanks.

To compliment these parts see our selection of high quality, made in USA, bone and ivory bridge pins.

Fossil Mammoth Ivory Guitar Bridge Blank

Description Part # Price Purchase
Fossil mammoth ivory bridge blank.

.425 " thick by 1" + by 6 + inches.
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$ 195.00

Fossil Ivory Guitar Bridge Blank / Large

Description Part # Price Purchase
Large Guitar Bridge Blank - fossil mammoth ivory.

.450 " thick by 1.5" + by 6.25 inches.

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$ 275.00