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Oversize Guitar Nut Blanks

Large and oversize guitar nuts and saddles. Over the years we have heard from various customers who have requested large oversize guitar nut and saddle blanks, so much so that we now carry these on a regular basis.

Many guitar shops order a few of each size of these big boys for the occasional odd duck of a guitar that may walk in their door. We can always cut a pre-ban ivory (PBE) nut or saddle of large dimensions but the price will be significantly more than bone pieces of the same or similar size.

To compliment these parts see our selection of high quality, made in USA, bone and ivory bridge pins.

Dobro Bone Nut Large

Description Part # Price Purchase
Dobro Style extra large white bone nut.

.275" + X .825"+ X 2.5"

Meets all USDA & USFWS standards for US import and use.

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$ 8.50

Colossal Bone Large Guitar Nut

Description Part # Price Purchase
Giant Bone Guitar Nut Blank .300" X .650" by 3.5".
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Meets all USDA & USFWS standards for US import and use.
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$ 11.00