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Inlay Stock/Bone/FMI, Dots, etc.

Ivory Inlays
Aaron Radelow Designs
Scroll a long ways here folks ! Everything from imitation inlay stock to pearl diamonds to fossil ivory inlay slabs. Ideal for cue sticks as well as for furniture and other decorative art pieces. We provide bone and FMI inlay slabs as well as black and faux tortoise inlay dots.

Pearl Inlay Diamonds

Description Part # Price Purchase
Mother of Pearl Diamond inlays. $ 1.05 each.

1/16 " thick X 9/16 wide X 1.25 long.

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$ 1.05

Fossil Walrus Bone Inlay Slabs

Description Part # Price Purchase
Fossil Walrus Bone Slabs 100 g.

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US customers only.
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$ 74.95

Inlay Dots 2mm, 3 mm and 4mm in Black or Faux Tortoise/100 count

Description Part # Price Purchase
100 Inlay Dots in Black or Faux Tortoise

2 mm, 3 mm or 4 mm Diameter

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$ 29.95