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Tip Armor® and Mammoth Ivory
Violin Bow Parts

We offer violin bow tips in fossil mammoth ivory and in Tip Armor®, our registered trademarked material. We also offer fossil mammoth ivory frog blanks and button stock.

Tip Armor® Violin family member bow tips are made of AMW-814, a polymer composite. This recently developed polymer has been formulated for strength and flexibility and engineered in a way to allow artisans to work the material with ease utilizing standard carving and bow making tools. This material bends with finger strength and holds its bow tip curve for application without the typical process of soaking and press-forming. Simply bend the floor to the needed curvature and glue into place. Then shape, sand and carve as you would mammoth ivory or other materials. Several glues work well including hide glue and superglue (CA glue) which works very well.

Our fossil mammoth ivory (FMI) is musical instrument grade material and is of the lightest color and most blemish free stock we can find.

Tip Armor® Violin Family Member Bow Tips

Violin Bow Tips & Frogs - Mammoth Ivory